Self-Adjustable Eyeglasses Wow Visitors at Designs of the Year Awards

July 12, 2013 – 5:31 pm

Self-adjustable eyeglasses developed by Dow Corning and the Centre for Vision in the Developing World (CVDW; Oxford, UK) garnered the Visitor Vote at the recent Designs of the Year exhibition at London’s Design Museum.

Developed specifically for myopic teenagers in the developing world, the Child ViSion glasses are filled with an optical silicone fluid. The wearer adjusts the lens power by turning a dial on each arm of the glasses, which adds or removes the fluid. Once the optimal setting has been achieved, the adjusters can be detached until they are needed again. Before designing the prototype glasses, a team from CVDW travelled to India to gain insights from hundreds of schoolchildren to refine the design features and ensure that teenagers would find the glasses cool enough to wear.

The goal is to “help more than 100 million young people in the developing world who need vision correction to see clearly,” explains Josh Silver, CVDW founder and director. Academic research cited by the organisation in a press release, shows that most children and teenagers aged 12 to 18 are able to successfully achieve adequate vision correction using self-adjustable glasses. To ensure that the Child ViSion glasses are widely available and affordable for the target market, CVDW has taken great pains to ensure that the design can be scaled up to mass production volumes. It also has established distribution channels.

The glasses initially will be distributed through school-based programmes to young people in India, China and Indonesia, where refractive error conditions are prevalent. More than 40,000 adults in the developing world have already benefitted from this technology, according to CVDW.

— Norbert Sparrow

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  1. 2 Responses to “Self-Adjustable Eyeglasses Wow Visitors at Designs of the Year Awards”

  2. What an amazing and worthwhile invention! I didn’t see the other contenders, but I have a feeling this would have got my vote too. Fantastic to be delivering valuable support for such a common condition, the correction of which many of us just take for granted.

    By Sarah Steel on Jul 16, 2013

  3. I am surprised that these spectacles are something new . Vision for a Nation produces a comparable product with adjustable solid lenses .
    In UK too.
    I do not know why only for Ruanda .
    Design was from 2005 , google U-specs .
    A design is interesting but how does it perform in field situations : with blowing sand , high temperature and damp situations and daily adjustments [ 1 for 2 children ]

    By Frits Meijboom on Jul 17, 2013

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